UK changes NMC registration for non-EU nurses and midwives

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) of United Kingdom has announced changes in the application process for registration of nurses and midwives which will be effective in September 2014.

The changes affect Filipino nurses and midwives who wish to find job in UK.

NMC will launch a revised overseas application process which will introduce a test of competence from autumn 2014 for all new non-EU/EEA educated applicants after that date. The test consists of two parts: a computer-based multiple-choice examination and a practical objective structured clinical examination (OSCE). The exam will be based on current nursing and midwifery pre-registration education and competency standards.

UK NMC Test of Competence

  • Computer-based multiple-choice examination. Pearsonvue will administer the test in many countries around the world including those where significant numbers of non-EU/EEA educated nurses and midwives are recruited to the UK.
  • Practical exam(OSCE). To be administered in UK, initially at a test center at the University of Northampton.

Test Fees have yet to be finally agreed, and it will be posted here once available.

Transition Arrangements

Non-EU/EEA educated applicants who have already applied to join the NMC register should take note of this arrangements:

  • Applications processed before October 2014 will continue to be processed using the current arrangements and applicants will receive a decision letter requiring them to complete the ONP or AMP within two years from the date of the decision letter.
  • In October 2014, non-EU/EAA-educated applicants who have been issued with a decision letter prior to September 2014 will be informed of the new test of competence and offered a choice of accessing the current program or the test of competence.
  • For applications received from October 2014, the test of competence will be the only route to UK registration for non-EU/EEA-educated nurses and midwives.

New NMC Application Process

Non-EU/EEA educated nurses and midwives will complete an online application. At this point the applicant will confirm they have met all eligibility requirements including the following and will confirm that they can provide the required evidence later in the process.

  • IELTS 7.0 (academic version) or above in all sections
  • Successful completion of a three-year (or equivalent) undergraduate education and training programme
  • 12 months post-registration practice experience
  • A self-declaration that they are of good health and good character

The following items will be required at a later stage in the process.

  • Digital copies of ID documents
  • Evidence of training
  • Evidence of registration
  • Two employment references
  • Evidence of good health and good character

Pearsonvue computer based test

After NMC receive the confirmation, the online registration system, NMC Online, will provide the applicant with a candidate number for the computer-based test. The applicant will contact the computer-based test centre to book a test date and time. Test centre staff will seek formal assurances and conduct identity checks to ensure the person is the correct applicant sitting the test. The applicant will then complete the multiple-choice examination under secure conditions.

Practical Exam OSCE

After the candidate successfully completes the computer-based test, we will assess the ir education, training, registration and employment history to confirm they meet all eligibility requirements. If all requirements are met, the candidate will be put forward for the nursing or midwifery OSCE. The applicant will book the date of the OSCE directly with the OSCE test centre. This will allow the applicant to plan their financial and domestic arrangements for coming to the UK.

For more information on the  application changes, check the official announcement below from NMC.

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