By | May 24, 2020
Professionals get CPD units during COVID-19.

Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) will give Continuing Professional Development (CPD) units to all professionals who work or volunteer in the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) response.

This is in recognition to the heroism of the Filipino professionals who put their health and safety at stake while the country is battling the fatal disease.

In a Resolution No. 1239 issued last May 15, PRC said all registered professionals who are providing essential services while the country is under the State of Public Health Emergency due to COVID-19 will get up to 45 CPD units.

“During this crisis, the Commission recognizes the heroic and indispensable services that professionals have been tirelessly providing in various ways during this period,” the Resolution stated.

They may apply the units earned under the Informal Learning, Professional Work Experience and Self-Directed Learning tracks.

CPD units are required for the renewal of Professional Identification Card (PIC) or the license cards, as mandated by the Continuing Professional Development Act of 2016.

Professionals who provide essential services during this COVID-19 pandemic will get the following CPD Units:


Health and Emergency Frontliners that provided public health services (all employees of the Department of Health (DOH), DOH Hospitals, Hospitals of LGUs and Provincial, City, and Rural Health Units, and Drug Abuse Treatment and Rehabilitation Centers including those managed by other government agencies (e.g. police and military hospitals/clinics, university medical facilities), uniformed medical personnel, private health workers, such as but not limited to medical professionals, hospital and health facility administrative and maintenance staff, and aides from private health facilities, as well as their service providers, health workers and volunteers of the Philippine Red Cross and the World Health Organization, and the employees of Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), the Philippines Health Insurance Corporation (PHIC), disaster risk reduction management officers, and public safety officers)

Researchers and scientists who developed testing kits, professionals who designed/constructed accommodations for suspected, probable and confirmed COVID-19 patients and health care workers, disinfection chambers and adapted medical equipment such as ventilators and aerosol boxes.
Vital Goods and Services Providers who provided health and social services to secure the safety and well-being of persons. such as but not limited to, food, water, medicine, medical devices, public utilities, energy and others as may be determined by the IATF.


Volunteer professionals who offered services during this COVID-19 crisis, including but not limited to answering queries about COVID-19, online consultation, public health education and other activities directly related to their profession.

Volunteer professionals who responded and participated in the Social Responsibility (CSR) programs/projects, whether in their personal capacity or through organizations, who collected, packed and distributed medical supplies and masks or personal protective equipment (PPE) to hospitals/medical facilities and distributed food to frontliners serving in hospitals/medical facilities and security checkpoints.

Professionals who wish to avail of the said grant shall submit Certification from Institution/Agency/Entity or own Declaration, as may be applicable, as proof of services rendered. These forms are available at the PRC.

Those who apply for renewal of PIC using these credit units will be under the Self-Directed Learning modality, and the prescribed fee is deemed waived. CPD units earned may also be used for two consecutive renewal cycles.

The CPD Councils shall issue their respective advisories to assist and guide the applicants on the award of CPD credit units.

Please share this good news to all health workers and other professionals who are qualified to receive CPD units for renewal of license cards. (via PRC website)

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