PNA issues statement on DOLE Sec. Bello’s interview

Philippine Nurses Association has issued a statement clarifying their side on the recent media interview of DOLE secretary Silvestre Bello III which did not sit well with most nurses.

Labor secretary Bello said that they are planning to limit the deployment of nurses abroad after receiving an appeal from the PNA on the shortage of nurses.

[READ: DOLE plans to limit deployment of nurses abroad.]

In a statement by PNA president Caster Palaganas, she said that PNA did not appeal to Sec. to ‘slow down’ the sending of nurses abroad.

“Sec. Bello must been taken out of context,” the statement said.

PNA added that they are not ‘hindering nurses from getting out [of the country.] They ‘want more nurses to be retained by providing them more competitive advantage .’

Here’s the full statement as shared online by PNA president.

PNA Statement on Sec. Bello’s interview

In the meeting with DOLE yesterday, Honorable Member of the Board of Nursing, Dr. Cora AƱonuevo mentioned the current status of nursing. More nurses are leaving bedside care and the country. And we are left with few nurses at bedside. DOLE keeps on sending nurses abroad kasi akala nila up to this time, may oversupply ng nurses na hindi naman talaga. Nurses are working outside of their profession in order to sustain their economic status.

In response we want more nurses to be retained by providing them more competitive advantage para ang maging option nila is mag stay.

We are not hindering nurses from getting out. But we provide options to entice nurses to stay. Salary is just one. Safe and positive working condition is also another. Better benefits. In fact Sec Bello said that nurses must be more assertive of their rights. “Isumbong sa amin ang mga violators. Wala e, tahimik naman kayo”.

For the record, we told Sec Bello that “we can not prevent nurses from leaving tge country. It is their constititional right. No one can prevent them from this right. They have mouths to feed…siblings to send to school…bills to pay…what we need to do is improve the situation they are in.”

In the meetinh, PNA will tie up with DOLE as special investigators of hospitals. PNA officers and other qualified members shall be undergoing the DOLE training of inspection para makatulog sa mga lalabag ng batas.

Sec. Bello must been taken out of context. We attest to the veracity of our meeting.

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One thought on “PNA issues statement on DOLE Sec. Bello’s interview

  • June 17, 2019 at 2:07 am

    Kaya nga mga nurses natin sa libya kahit may digmaan kahit ano sabi ng Embassy umuwi na di sila umu uwi kasi well compensated sila doon. Di tulad dito sa Pilipinas na pag nurse ka dito mas mataas pa sahod ng security guard dito. Security guard 18k per month times mo 30 days 600 per day nurses nurses 15k hahahaha..


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