Off-duty nurse first to respond in Mandaue accident

A nurse who had just finished her shift in a hospital in Mandaue City was the first to respond to an accident at Maguikay flyover midnight of Monday, July 16.

The nurse who was identified as Shaneen Grace Duterte were on her way home from a duty when she chanced upon a victim of a motorcycle accident lying on the street.

Nurse Shaneen quickly responded, giving first aid to the victim named Reynald Roa, and immediately called an ambulance.

According to initial report, Roa was crossing the street near the flyover when he was hit by a motorcycle. He suffered a broken leg and felt dizzy.

nurse shaneen duterte

The unidentified motorcycle driver admitted that he was speeding and did not see Roa, who also conceded that he consumed alcoholic drink before the incident.

Salute to Nurse Shaneen Duterte for a job well done! [With reports and photo from TV Patrol Central Visayas]

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