It’s official: Gov’t nurses will get SG15 – ₱32,053 minimum salary

Finally, Salary Grade 15 minimum pay for government nurses is now a reality!

Department of Budget and Management has released on Friday, July 17 the Budget Circular that will finally implement the SG 15 entry-level salary of nurses in the government.

DBM Budget Circular No. 2020-4 entitled Upgrading the Entry Level Nurse Positions was issued to prescribe the rules and regulations on the upgrading of the entry-level Nurse positions to SG15 as well as to highlight the administrative procedure in view of the consequential modification in the position attributes of the Nurse items.

So government nurses in Nurse I positions get 4 SGs upgrade, from SG 11 to SG 15. In the current Salary Standardization Law 5 which took effect January 2020, SG15 is at P32,053.

The position attributes of the following classes of Nurse positions are hereby modified, as follows: Nurse I – SG 15; Nurse II – SG 17; Nurse III – SG 19; Nurse IV – SG20; Nurse V – SG 22; and Nurse VI – SG 24.

  • Nurse I – Salary Grade 11 to Salary Grade 15 (P32,053.00.)
  • Nurse II – Salary Grade 15 to Salary Grade 17 (P38,464.00)
  • Nurse III – Salary Grade 17 to Salary Grade 19 (P46,719.00)
  • Nurse IV – Salary Grade 19 to Salary Grade 20 (P52,703.00)
  • Nurse V – Salary Grade 20 to Salary Grade 22 (P66,867.00)
  • Nurse VI – Salary Grade 22 to Salary Grade 24 (P85,074.00)

The upgrading of salary covers all Nurse positions, whether regular, casual, or contractual in nature, full-time or part-time, now existing or hereafter created in the national government agencies (NGAs), including SUCs and GOCCs, and in LGUs.

The adjustment was made in compliance with the Supreme Court decision upholding the Republic Act 9173 or The Philippine Nursing Act of 2002 which says that government nurses must receive minimum base pay of not lower than SG15.

The case was won by Ang Nars Partylist represented by Atty. Faye Paquiz against the government represented by Solicitor General Jose Calida last October 18, 2019. The SC En Banc Decision has become final and executory on December 13, 2019. The entry of judgment was released by the high court last month.

Congress supported the decision of the Supreme Court by earmarking P3 billion pesos in the General Appropriation Act of 2020 or the national budget, for its implementation.

In the Circular, DBM orders the head of agencies and local chief executives to implement the salary adjustment. The Circular shall take effect immediately.

Here’s the full text of DBM Circular:

Now that SG15 minimum pay for government nurses is implemented, Ang Nars Partylist is optimistic that the Paquiz Ruling will be set as a benchmark of entry-level pay of nurses and other health workers in the public and private institutions.

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