Filipina nurse caught with drugs in her underwear in Dubai

A Filipina nurse caught in possession of illegal drugs hidden in her underwear is now under trial in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Gulf News reported that a 34-year-old nurse identified only as J.T. stashed a 0.53g of methamphetamine to be sold to a fellow Filipino identified as R.J., who was also caught with 0.46g of the same mind-altering substance in an buy-bust operations at a mall in Al Muraqqabat.

“When I searched her, I found two plastic pouches that contained methamphetamine hidden in her underwear,” the policewoman reported.

The nurse confessed that she obtained the methamphetamine from a certain Louis and then sold it to R.J. for Dh4,500, but later denied it in the court.

A drug enforcement officer testified to prosecutors that an informant alerted them that R.J. was in possession of a mind-altering substance that he intended to sell for Dh2,500.

“We arranged with the informant to set an appointment with the defendant and we provided him with money to purchase the methamphetamine. We photocopied the money to use as future evidence against the suspect in court. The informant met the defendant in front of a mall in Al Muraqqabat. As soon as the informant sealed the deal with R.J., police raided the location and arrested the Filipino employee. The police money was seized in his right hand. Upon confrontation, he immediately admitted that he sold the banned substance to the informant,” said the officer.

Both Filipinos pleaded not guilty before the court. State lawyers will be appointed to the two when the court reconvenes on March 31, the report said.

If convicted, the two face life imprisonment and a fine of Dh200,000.

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