Ang Nars: CPD should not be a business

We are posting, in toto, the latest take of nurse advocacy group Ang Nars Partylist through its representative Leah S. Paquiz on the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) law and implementation especially for nurses.

Paquiz also highlighted what have they done as an organization to ease the burden brought by this CPD law to Filipino nurses. Read the full statement, as posted on their Facebook page.

By Leah S Paquiz, Representative, ANG NARS Party-list

The unsatisfactory implementation of the CPD Law has left a bad taste in the mouth of Filipino professionals.

As an active member of the Committee on Higher and Technical Education in the 16th Congress and as an academician, It is my stance that continuous ethical and professional development of ALL PROFESSIONALS brought about by modernisation and technical advancement in the field practice must be promoted and protected. Thus, during the congressional hearings and deliberation, I strongly guarded and pointed out the following:

1. CPD must stop the proliferation of expensive trainings and seminars that have no corresponding approval / accreditation by the PRC.
2. CPD must be used to strengthen IN-SERVICE trainings given by employers to their workers, FREE of cost.
3. CPDs should be relevant and benefit the participant and given at a REASONABLE cost.
4. CPD must be a bridge to legally recognize certification or specialty learnings programs previously taken by the professionals.

In order to guard the faithful implementation of the CPD Law, there have been many issues that I have brought to the attention of the PRC:

1. We pushed the Board of Nursing to retain the 45 Unit requirement instead of increasing it to 60 Units.
2. We pushed for the equivalency of foreign CME trainings of into CPD units.
3. We pushed that IN-SERVICE Trainings, pursuant to RA9173, be utilized in order for nurses to get FREE CPD.
4. We explore the possibilities of offering CPD PROGRAMS for FREE.
5. We pioneered the organizing of health missions with FREE CPD units.
6. We offered QUALITY CPD programs with top of line resource speaker at a very low cost to set the trend to other CPD providers.

As we PRC Memorandum Circular No 07-2017 all government agencies can apply as CPD providers without paying application fees. That is why during the senate review of the implementation of the CPD Law, we asked the DOH, LGUs, and the Private Hospital Association to apply as CPD providers and give FREE CPD trainings to their employees.

However, we are against the PRC’s costly and tedious accreditation process, as well as the unknown parameters in giving corresponding CPS units for each programs as this may lead to various forms of abuses, such as expensive CPD Programs.

I have brought to the PRC’s attention the organizations already asking money for their programs who only “applied for” CPD units instead of waiting to be approved by the PRC.

The battle for proper implementation of the law goes on.

We need to break the culture of “HOTEL SEMINARS” that cost thousands of pesos but only provide a minimal amount of units.

A call to action on all professionals to know the CPD Law! Involve yourselves in formal dialogue with the PRC! Demand for quality and affordable CPD! LET US FIND SOLUTIONS TOGETHER.

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